In the scope of our customers technical support we provide:


1. Installation of instruments, ready to operation.


2. Quality control of delivery with Certificates of Installation, Operation and Performance (IQ, OQ and PQ).


3. Training of laboratory scientific personnel and trial with samples.


4. Developement and Application of analytical methods by experienced scientists.


5. Preventive maintenance of instruments, ensuring their flawless operation and the guarantee of correct measurements.


The Technical Support department of LINK LAB Ltd. is constituted by technicians with multiannual experience and high technical training.


Our continuous training at the manufacturers' training centers, our always sufficient spare parts warehouse and our rich and up-to-date technical library, have strengthened our position in the subjects of technical and scientific support, thus leading to fast and effective repairs with the lowest possible cost.


Therefore, all the equipment that we support are always found in most excellent situation.