The Calibration Laboratory of LINK LAB Ltd. offer metrology services of high quality throughout Greece and Cyprus.
The main services we provide are:

  • Calibrations of instruments and measuring equipment of analytical and testing laboratories, qualitative control laboratories and industrial producers
  • Operation of tests

- design Qualification (DQ)

- Installation Qualification (IQ)

- Operational Qualification (OQ)

- Performance Qualification (PQ) of analytical instruments and production equipment


  • Planning out Temperature Mapping of warehouses, refrigerators and keeping places of intermediary or final products
  • Realisation of controls of ratification of conditions of transport (Shipping Validation) sensitive materials, e.g. blood, medicines, foods, grafts etc.
  • Developement of analytical methods verification reports (Method Validation) in collaboration with the customer
  • Growth of directives and processes of verification, analysis and measurement (Standard Operating Procedures, SOP) in collaboration with the customer

For each instrument that is calibrated or tested, a certificate according to ISO 17025 by ESYD is published. An electronic file with all calibrations or tests that have been held is created and an automatic procedure of reminding the next calibration date to the customer is activated.

The measurements are held at the customers installations (in most cases) or in our specialized laboratory. On the spot measurements performing minimizes the time that the instrument is occupied for calibration and annihilates the danger of damage or deterioration during transportation.