Personnel – Equipment



The scientific and technical personnel of our laboratory,

  • are composed by relative with metrology and instrumentation specialities (Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Physists) ensuring complete scientific coverage,
  • participate in the all specialized seminars that are organized by the hellenic Institude of Metrology and the Technical Chamber of Greece on subjects of metrology, calibration and quality in measurement, thus ensuring its continuous training,
  • follow seminars of big manufacturing houses completing with the best way their education in new peak technologies,
  • participate in conferences and meetings of institutions contributing in the distribution of quality beginnings and the reconstruction of quality systems in Greece,
  • organize seminars on subjects of metrology, calibration and metrology equipment, providing complete solutions and services.


Our model equipment is calibrated in National Institutes of Metrology (EIM, COFRAC, DKD, NPL, FINAS).

It is continuously monitored in our installations by a 24h temperature and humidity monitoring system of our keeping spaces and laboratories.

It is extended and it is improved with the purchase of new measuring equipment of peak technology and it is checked in regular time intervals by our experienced technical personnel, so that it is always in position to consequently and safely cover the increasing measurement requirements.

In temperature measurements of heating chambers we use devices of high technology that collect data from 1 up to 36 sensors simultaneously.

With the use of PC they show on line digitally and graphically the situation of the chamber, (in order that any adjustment is on the spot possible) and export the measurements in EXCEL worksheets, where the treatment of data is easy and with a lot of possibilities.

EXCEL worksheets are followed by forms of loading of chambers, which are drawn in suitable designing software, so that the corresponding and identification of calibration results with the points of the chamber become easy.

Copies of calibration certificates of our equipment, always follow the certificates that we publish as a proof of traceability of measurements that we operate.