Monitoring of Physical Properties


Description of System Capabilities


  • It is based in the use of PC for the continuous recording of the measuring properties.
  • It illustrates on the PC monitor the values and graphs of the measuring properties, so that the actual conditions are every time available.
  • Έχει τη δυνατότητα να ειδοποιεί μέσω οπτικού, ηχητικού σήματος ή τηλεφωνικά (σε σταθερά και κινητά, SMS κ.λπ.).
  • It is installed permanently and it has no maintenance costs.
  • It requires no consumables (pens, special paper, etc.) and no special abilities in PC operation.
  • It has autoscale and zooming functions.
  • It has the capability of every type of recording in chart or table, as well as their correlation in the same axes.
  • It organizes the results automatically in ASCII files, which can be processed by EXCEL.
  • It can distribute real-time measurements to local network or remote PCs (via internet ), thus providing the ability of unlimited workstations for data monitoring.
  • It stores and files all the recordings providing logging data (date, time, info, etc).
  • It can automatically execute mathematic calculations between measuring parameters for the real-time calculation of new properties.
  • It can control and regulate measuring parameters by activating appropriate mechanisms.


Measuring Properties

Freezers (down to -80 °C), Refrigerators, Storage Facilities, Incubators, Constant Climate Chambers, Dry Heat / Steam Sterilizers, Furnaces

Relative Humidity
Storage Facilities, Constant Climate Chambers, Laboratory Areas

Gases and Liquids

Differential Pressure
Sterile Chambers, Pharmaceutical Industry Areas

Gases and Liquids

Liquids Conductivity
Closed Circuits of Deionized Water, Vessels

pH & Dissolved Oxygen
Vessels and in-flow